Meet the Editor

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaixaaaajgrjyja4zdlkltkzowitndk2zc05njg1ltqyotazy2jmmwq2oq-copy Hello, my name is Carly Galasso. I am currently a junior attending Rutgers University, studying in Communication and Digital Media. I discovered my love for organizing during my sophomore year of high school when my sister went away to college. My mom wanted to clear out some things so I volunteered to help her. We first cleaned out the downstairs closet, then we did the bathroom. After a week of having those areas organized and clean, I realized how amazing it was to have organized spaces. I could actually find my shoes when I needed them! The following weekend, I organized other areas of my house such as my closet, my room, the basement, and my sisters room. Today I am a passionate organizer and take pride in the spaces I have transformed. My objective of this website is to provide others with the helpful resources I have used and turn their spaces into Organized Creations!