Organization Creation meets Technology Section!

Hello Organizers! As promised, here is an awesome screen cast by Nicolas Sanchez, author of Technology Section and member of the collaborative campaign for Stand for Children.

His video demonstrates for students how to utilize the Internet to store and organize their digital files. By using Cloud Services such as DropBox and iCloud Drive, it is possible to save your documents and access them through any computer connected to the Internet. As always, TechSec is dedicated to educating, especially children, on the usefulness and benefits of using technology.

In this video, students learned how to use iCloud Drive to upload and download files to and from the Cloud. This technology eliminates the need to carry physical storage devices such as USB Flash Drives or external HDDs which can be lost or broken.This relates to our target audience because children from ages 10-18 are all in elementary school, middle school, or high school. This will be especially beneficial for high school students as they are forced to become more self-sufficient in their school work. Nicolas’s video will be very helpful for students who need to keep organized with their files as they work on them at home, on their own computers, and on the school computers.

We hope this video has demonstrated the efficiency of the Cloud and its easy to use platform. There are many more companies which provide Cloud services which everyone can choose from, and choosing one will depend on your preferences.

Nicolas considers himself a tech enthusiast and he loves to have fun interacting with all sorts of technologies. New technologies are introduced to the public very often so he always look for new ways to feed his passion. Follow Technology Section for more about the technologies we could use as hobbies such as Drones, RC cars, Raspberri Pi, and Arduino.


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