Campaign: Behind the Scenes

Hello Organizers! As we continue our campaign, we are accomplishing more and more. Two milestones we have accomplished thus far were deciding on a non-profit organization and creating a rough draft for our paper. We were going to use NAEYC: National Association for the Education of Young Children but we realized that the organization was geared more towards younger children. STAND for Children targets children of all ages. We also made decisions on how to split up the paper. Some of us felt that we should each talk about our own websites for each section. Instead we decided to each focus on one section of the paper, and help the person who is assigned to that section. This way, each part of the paper is cohesive and it sounds like 6 sections instead of 20. We completed about half of the paper for the rough draft, but there is still more that needs to be added. 

Two milestones we anticipate on reaching soon is creating our A/V projects, as well as finishing our paper. Digital tools such as Screencast-o-matic, and Flickr have contributed to our group’s creative process thus far and will continue to be used throughout the campaign. Organization Creation will be making a how-to video using Screencast-o-matic that teaches children how to apply organization skills in an educational setting. We will educate individuals on effective ways of studying by providing an organized guide for students to use. We may also teach them how to organize their school supplies or even a planner so they stay on top of their tasks and responsibilities. The specific concept is still in the process of finalization.

Stay tuned and follow our websites as we continue to work on our collaborative campaign! Also, visit STAND for Children to learn about their commitment to educate children of all ages.


-Featured blog image by Maryland GovPics, provided by Flickr (licensed CC BY 2.0).



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