Tips for organizing closet spaces: YouTube video comparison

Hello Organizers! Today I took a closer look at two of my favorite YouTube videos: Closet Organization Ideas & Tips: Organizing Your Closet by Alejandra and How to Clean and Organize your Closet | Life Hacks 2016 by Hermione Chantal. These two individuals are popular vloggers that focus on transforming and organizing personal spaces.

I felt that Alejandra did a great job explaining the details of how she developed her closet. She mentioned where she got all of her organizing products. For example, she said that she got her dresser from IKEA and jewelry organizers from Michael’s. She also explained in detail how she organized each type of clothing. Hermione also did a great job at explaining how to organize a closet. I liked her hack that she provided which was: turn your clothes in one direction and when your done wearing them, put them back in the other direction. All the clothes that aren’t turned after a period of time means that you have not worn them and they should be disposed. Both vloggers provided several tips, tricks, and hacks to make your closet more organized then before.

The main difference between the two videos was that Hermione started off with a messy closet, and organized it from top to bottom. Alejandra’s closet was already organized and explained how she got it that way and what products she used. I felt that Hermione’s video aimed more toward people who are really messy and need to achieve a clean and tidy closet whereas Alejandra’s video was geared more toward people who have an ordinary closet and want to turn it extraordinary.

Overall, it was interesting to take a closer look at these videos since I just made a screencast of my own closet tips. I actually had a lot of similarities to both videos. Watch my own screencast or click on the TUTORIALS page, to view more great videos about closets, rooms, and work spaces!


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