Tips for organizing closet spaces: Screencast review

Hey Organizers! The purpose of this video was to provide the audience with 8 tips on organizing closet spaces. They are as follows: completely remove all of the clothes, get rid of any old or unwanted items, remove unused hangers, separate clothes according to style, add storage bins, arrange storage bins and items for maximum utility, arrange clothes to fit your needs, and keep your new and improved closet nice and tidy. I did this by first creating a power point. I wrote out all of the steps with sub notes for each step. Then I took pictures of my closet to add as media. Next I added screenshots of my website, as well as Walmart’s website, to demonstrate the possible products the audience can use. I also made a script so I knew exactly what I was going to say to make my video run smoothly.

Now, that I knew how to make a screencast, I found it much more enjoyable. I used Screencast-O-Matic again to create my video. It was super easy, it took me a few tries because I would mess up half way through, but I definitely felt more confident in this video then I did in the last. It was different because last time I put myself in the video, but this time I didn’t, so I did not have to focus on my facial expressions, and instead was able to focus a little bit more on the visual aspect.

If I could go back and change something, I would have included a different title for my screencast. I made the same mistake I did last time, and forgot to change the title before posting it to YouTube. I thought I could change the title from YouTube but I am pretty sure I could only change it from screencast. I will have to remember to include it next time. For my next screencast, I could improve the tone of my voice and the content written beneath them in my blog posts.

Take a look at my screencast, and leave a comment below on whether or not these tips were helpful! Need to look at them again? Browse through my site, and click on the TIPS page, to get another glance at the 8 tips for organizing closet spaces!


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