What makes a great organization website? Screencast review

Hey Organizers! The purpose of the video is to compare two websites and look at the drawbacks and benefits of each. This makes us to realize what works and what doesn’t work for websites, which in turn will help us improve our own websites. After comparing the two websites, HGTV and Apartment Therapy, I feel that my website is the least cluttered, and the most organized. For my topic, which is organizing, this is very important. The saying “practice what you preach” comes into play here. If viewers see that an organizing website, is disorganized and cluttered, then how could they trust your organizing advice? I also noticed after making my screencast that many of the websites I viewed did not have side bars. If the two websites did have a sidebar, this maybe would have solved their problem. Another purpose of this video is gaining additional information about your topic. Before conducting my screencast, I looked thoroughly through each website, which gave me additional facts and ideas to use for my own website.

From watching my screencast, viewers will be able to get the chance to view my own website, as well as the two I compared. Hopefully from viewing the video, I gave them a good impression of my website and convinced them to visit it.

The video overall makes great use of information technology. I liked making a screencast because they are very visual. Viewers are able to watch the video and know exactly what they are going to be seeing because they watch you navigate through the different websites just like they would. It is much different than a blog where it is just a written description, or a podcast where it is just audio. This combines both visual effects and audio because you are explaining what is happening as they are viewing the video. To me, this gives an interpersonal effect for viewers.

My website overall provides cultural information for a variety of target audiences. Parents of messy kids, college students with small dorms, and people who need a jump-start on organizing their space are all target audiences. As I said on my website, keeping spaces clean and tidy can allow individuals to perform tasks more efficiently, find information and items faster, and reduce stress. That is why Organization Creation makes it a priority to get your space in tip top shape!

Browse through the site for tips, how to tutorials, reviews, photos, and more!


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