Listen to me introduce the site! Audio post

I do not see potential for podcasting in the future. I would much rather make a blog where I could type up what I want to say. In a blog. you can look at the page and easily read the information that you want to see. To me, it is easier to remember because you have to visually look at it. I am a visual learner so if I listened to a podcast, the probability of me attaining the information will probably be cut in half.

To produce the file, I used the song “Bonbon” by Hicham Chahidi off of the website Free Music Archive. First, I cut the middle of the song to eliminate a large portion of the music that I would not need. After the first few seconds or so, I  added a ‘fade out’. I let the song play for a while, and then added a ‘fade in’. Between the ‘fade out’ and ‘fade in’ I used the effect ‘equalize’ and was able to adjust the levels of the music to be lower in the middle. Then I recorded my own track of the podcast. I had to record it a few times because it kept getting ruined. I then used the ‘normalize’ effect on my voice recording. After I adjusted the tracks, and cut some parts here and there, I was finished. Then I downloaded the song onto Sound Cloud and attempted to embedded it.

To gratify the audience’s media needs, the podcast was created so that it can be used again and again. It was kind of made to be like an advertisement for the website. I included all of the factors of a podcast such as name, title, topic/relation, credentials, links, and call to action. In addition, I added components of my ABOUT US page, as well as my HOME page.

Overall, I did not like using audacity and sound cloud. The process was extremely frustrating. I worked on my podcast for several hours because it was unable to work. In order for it to work effectively, you also need to have the proper software which I do not have. I was really excited to make a podcast but this process was miserable.


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