Creating a header image using Pixlr

Due to the theme, I was unable to create a header image, but instead created a featured image. My website uses the theme Sela which consists of a huge featured image on almost every page. On the home page, there is text amongst the image so if I had layered it there would have been too much going on. Therefore, I did not create a featured image for the home page but instead edited the featured image for the blog page.

To create my new image, I took the same featured image on every page, to keep with the consistency, but gave this one a twist. I first uploaded the image onto pixlr as layer number 1, then I edited the image by using the blur feature. This way, I can see the image but it isn’t so prominent. Next I found an image of a black pencil with a clear background. I added the image as a new layer and used the transform feature to shrink and move the image to where I thought fit best. I added a pencil because I figured it was a blog page, and bloggers write their thoughts and ideas. Therefore, the pencil represents the writing the bloggers will do.

Even after the tutorial in class and watching the videos, it took me a while to figure out how to create the image. I found pixlr to be very confusing and difficult. It took me a solid 20 minutes to figure out how to shrink the image and I didn’t realize that the transform button could do that. Then I had the image with text and realized that that didn’t count as a layer. Although I completed the assignment, I want to eventually go back and edit my image once more. Maybe even think of a new idea for the featured image if I could.

I would like to note that I credited for all images used on my site in the bottom right widget bar.


-Featured blog image by Haigwood Studios, provided by WikimediaCommons (licensed CC BY-SA 3.0) Changes were made (a blur effect was added).

-Featured blog image provided by Pixabay (licensed Creative Commons CC0)


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