First blog post! Welcome

I want to start by saying I am thrilled to share my site with you! I created this site so that others can have clean living spaces just like me! I was always a very stressed out person, and whenever I was disorganized, I would become even more stressed out. But I learned that the more organized I am, the less stress I become. Nowadays I organize everything in my life. For example, I create a planner to keep track of events and assignments, and my closet is so organized that if I look at the hangers, I can tell you the exact shirt that is missing. About 99% of the time I always know where my belongings are. I never find myself saying “Where is my shirt?” or “When is the assignment due?” or “Do I have that?”. It is highly important and essential to keep an organized space. Keeping spaces clean and tidy can allow individuals to perform tasks more efficiently, find information and items faster, and reduce stress.

As I said on the homepage, this site is a helpful tool to organize your living spaces for maximum utility. My objective of this website is to provide others with the helpful resources I have used to turn their spaces into organized creations. There is a tip page, which provides tips that I personally have learned over the years. There is a photo page that reveals the before and after photos of the spaces I transformed. There are also YouTube tutorials I found helpful that I want to share with you all. My hope for this blog is that we can all share personal stories and tips, and ask questions to one another. Let’s face it, not everything in our lives is organized, so I want this to be a judge free space. My hope is that we can talk to one another and assist each other to make our homes an organized creation! This is the first blog post of many. I will continue to update my site, and revise it as the weeks go on.

Featured image by Closet Factory, provided by Flickr (licensed CC BY-ND 2.0)


Featured image by Rubbermaid Products, provided by Flickr (licensed CC BY 2.0)


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